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Introducing K-VEST 7

Everything you need to improve player performance.

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A more intuitive home screen

Guides you through key areas of the learning experience.

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K-Vest Measure Icon
Far more precisely than the most advanced video systems. Think x-ray machine precision.
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With unprecedented accuracy. Take any and all guesswork out of analyzing biomechanical profiles and prescribing an effective coaching and training program.
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With utter confidence. Communicate ideas and fixes with vivid clarity. Don’t just show athletes how to move: teach them to feel the difference.
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The right motion with the right muscles—even when you aren’t physically with your athletes. State-of-the-art biofeedback ensures they’ll no longer have to guess their way through practice.

Cutting-Edge Technology

That's fun and easy to use

Improved visual design

Enhances viewing for outdoor, real-world environments.

array of training programs

A staggering array of training programs and drills available at the push of a button. Just discover and launch. It’s that easy.

New Training Builder

To help you explore this expanded library of resources and assessments that have been developed by some of the game’s top specialists.

Over 150 new tutorial videos

HD instructional videos that will support the all new activities — fully accessible right there in the software.

K-Vest on Ipad

What do we mean by “simple”?

Well, just launch the software. We’ll kind of take it from there.

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K-Vest on Ipad

So what comes after powerful and simple?

How about being endlessly adaptable and customizable?

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New favorite button

Make your go-to activities easy to find again and again.

Improved filter and search

Improved discovery of recommended activities and through “filter and search” functionality.

Updated live train screen

The new live train screen enables user customization, so you can work with athletes of all skill and fitness levels.

Save key changes

Make your changes to an activity or program. Take preloaded resources and make them your own.

Powerful Software Made Simple

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