Introducing K-Player

A Breakthrough for Players and Professionals

For Everyone

K-PLAYER represents a robust, flexible, and easy-to-use solution for all training goals.

Built-in Resources
Choose from a library of 150 built-in resources that range from simple exercises to highly advanced training programs.
Difficulty Levels
Select the difficulty level for any of these, and plan your progressions effortlessly. Just set the system to auto-advance from exercise to exercise in the prescribed order.
feedback at all levels
Receive feedback at all levels of athletic ability for: Range of Motion, Injury Prevention, Stability and Mobility Patterns, Athletic Movements and Patterns, Golf Swing Drills, from Short Game to Full Swing, and The Kinematic Sequence.
time-management control
Benefit from the time-management advantage that K-PLAYER provides. In fact, don’t be surprised if the goals of a two-hour practice session get accomplished in half an hour. Time is valuable for everyone, and K-PLAYER will help you save a ton of it.

For Players

Yes, practice may make perfect… but only if it’s perfect practice.

Ever have the sneaking suspicion that some practice time is simply wasted time but, oh, well, that’s just the way it is?

You’ll do 100-200 reps just to get those 20-25 that are like what the coach showed you. The rest of the time you’re striving to reach what the coach showed you, not actually doing what was shown.

Well, no more. Not with K-PLAYER. You’ll actually feel what you’re supposed to be doing, whether it’s a golf drill or a fitness exercise. And, hey, K-PLAYER will even count the reps for you.

That takes the drudgery out of practice and replaces it with the satisfaction of making progress right away.

Not only that, but you’ll find that using the biofeedback cues are actually fun. More importantly, with K-PLAYER you’ll never do―the right thing the wrong way. Instead, training becomes about making the right movements done correctly permanent—and that will transform your game.

K-PLAYER ensures that practice time is not just about "putting in the time" - they can see and feel the results immediately. It’s instant motivation and breathtaking precision all in one.

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K-PLAYER is the resource that allows athletes to work with you even when you’re not around. And work more effectively than ever before.

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For Professionals

Everyone’s familiar with this scenario: solo practice allows what was learned during coaching to get repeated, reinforced, and retained. But what if some new bad habits, physical compensations, and slightly-off techniques get reinforced in addition to the good stuff?

Now you’ve got "bad" mixed with "good", and more things to correct rather than helping your players move closer to their best game.

That’s the coach’s version of that’s just the way it is. After all, if you’re not around, who makes sure that players are doing the right things every single time? Well, the answer to that is K-PLAYER. In short, making the right movement with the wrong muscles is the wrong movement. And K-PLAYER eliminates that.

Say goodbye to the pattern of players being taught the right thing, but practicing the wrong thing. It’s natural enough: people tend to return to the movements that are old and familiar because their bodies are comfortable with them. K-PLAYER, in contrast, leverages the power of feeling physical changes through biofeedback to help them build the body that will be able to do what’s required of it.

And that’s something that fitness, medical, and golf professionals all treasure. For fitness pros, K-PLAYER comes pre-loaded with today’s most popular exercises for strengthening and conditioning. For medical pros, K-PLAYER allows you to set the targeted ranges "live", meaning that you customize solo training for specific athletes and specific muscle groups.

System Info
K-Vest 3D
Setup Time
1 Minute
2 Minutes
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Software Upgrades
1 Year
1 Year
Hardware Insurance
1 Year
1 Year
Pelvic Movement
Thorax Movement
Lead Hand Movement
Kinematic Sequence
Side Bend
Side by Side Comparisions
Swing Summary Reports
PGA & LPGA Tour Comparisons
Efficiency Reports
Automated DVT Programs
Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Feedback
Full Swing Drills
Short Game Drills
Fitness Exercises
Pre-Loaded Performance Programs
Activity Rep Counters
Automated Drill Advance
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A Breakthrough for Players and Pros

Training Made Perfect

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