K-VEST for Golf Professionals

A tool that just makes everything better.


A tool that would let you improve your players’ swings faster and more permanently than you ever dared to imagine?

Now how about if we told you this tool would even improve your business’s bottom line?

Guess what?

It exists…It’s called K-VEST. And this is how the process works

All you have to do is “Measure then A.C.T.”

MEASURE:  You place K-VEST sensors on your player with an easy-to-use vest, belt and glove. You then have your player make swings. The K-VEST software captures the swings.

ASSESS:  With your K-VEST software, you assess your player’s data, plan a new or improved swing, and build the right coaching and training programs to achieve that swing.

COACH:  Now you execute the program you just built, using K-VEST’s biofeedback to coach the new swing. A combination of visual and auditory cues helps you get your player to feel the right muscles making the right movements.

TRAIN:  Next, either with you or flying solo, your player trains your program to make the new swing both repeatable and permanent.  Your player will never really be alone because the biofeedback acts as a trusted guide, right there every step of the way to ensure the quality and efficiency of each move. You can even send the player home with a K-PLAYER, either one of yours or their own.

Tools for Golf CoahesIn addition to the components of this new swing, training programs can draw from K-VEST’s extensive library of drills. These help you build the basic movement patterns, strength, speed, balance, and flexibility that support that swing.

So whether you’re working with a golfer who wants a quick tune-up, or someone who is on a long-term development path, K-VEST helps you deliver.

Nor does it matter if your preference is to only measure, assess, coach, or train—or if you do not want to do them all in a continuous learning loop. We provide the toolbox. How you use it is up to you, but the simple truth of the matter will certainly be that your coaching will never be the same…

Does it sound like that original wish just got fulfilled?

Chances are, yep, it did. In fact, if you’re like any of K-VEST’s top coaches—whose names regularly appear in Golf Digest’s “Best in State” and “Top 50” lists—although perhaps you never thought you needed a human motion learning system, you’ll soon find it hard to believe you could get along without one.

K-VEST Human Motion Learning Systems.

An improved golf game requires improved movement. And improved movement—flawlessly measured and enduring—requires K-VEST.