K-VIDEO is an analysis software application that supports single-camera capture, using either a standard or high-speed camera. The software combines a feature rich set of drawing tools and enhanced special effects that cater to today’s most demanding professionals. One of K-VIDEO’s most valuable features is motion detection, a tool that provides real-time visual and auditory feedback while reinforcing desired movement patterns. This “live training mode” helps eliminate swing faults such as sway and slide (see video below). K-VIDEO utilizes a customizable interface that allows users to layout features that are used most often in their analysis method, and it comes pre-loaded with standard and high-speed PGA Tour videos from both the face on and down the line camera views. The end result is the most affordable and feature-rich video analysis software on the market.

K-VIDEO also allows users to do a voice over analysis and then upload that analysis to an online eBook. The eBook provides a convenient method for professionals to stay in touch with their clients after a session has been completed. The eBook login can also be customized to match a user’s website, giving your clients quick access to their online video analysis.

K-VIDEO HS Features include:

  • Single-camera support for standard or high-speed cameras
  • Real-time visual and audio biofeedback
  • Easy-to-use drawing tools and amazing effects
  • Casio camera compatibility
  • Online eBook capabilities


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Each wireless K-SENSOR is actually a package of nine, smaller sensors. Combined, these state-of-the-art sensors precisely and accurately measure the motion in 3 dimensions. In fact, the sensors are so accurate and durable, the US military deploys them for simulation training and research.
  • Precise, lightweight motion tracking sensors
  • Weigh less than 2 ounces (less than a golf ball)
  • Transmits accurate and precise 3D body motion data to a laptop receiver
  • Combination of accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers
  • Military-grade accuracy and durability
  • Made in the U.S.A.