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K-SWING Summary provides professionals with an easy-to-read swing analysis that automatically identifies swing faults from set up through impact. K-SWING Summary helps professionals and their clients understand complex 3D movements through simple numbers and visual representations. Find an area of weakness? No problem. One click provides real-time visual and auditory feedback to improve movement patterns. K-SWING Summary is a powerful marketing tool that helps professionals attract new students, while the complete K-VEST experience keeps them coming back.

K-SWING Summary Benefits:

  • Summaries can be automatically emailed to students or uploaded online with voiceover analysis.
  • Delivers a simple improvement roadmap for professionals and clients to follow.
  • Compares students' 3D data to the world's best PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour players.
  • Customizes exercise ranges based on physical limitations and/or swing style preferences.
Posture at Address
Pelvis Position at Top
Upper Body Movement
Body Turn at Top

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Each wireless K-SENSOR is actually a package of nine, smaller sensors. Combined, these state-of-the-art sensors precisely and accurately measure the motion in 3 dimensions. In fact, the sensors are so accurate and durable, the US military deploys them for simulation training and research.
  • Precise, lightweight motion tracking sensors
  • Weigh less than 2 ounces (less than a golf ball)
  • Transmits accurate and precise 3D body motion data to a laptop receiver
  • Combination of accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers
  • Military-grade accuracy and durability
  • Made in the U.S.A.